As far as hair removal methods go, epilators are considered one of the cheapest options available; second only after shaving, whilst also being considered much more effective and long-lasting in their results. Machines typically range from USD$50 to USD$100, however, there are a number of factors that can influence the price, such as the brand, store purchased from, and type of epilator machine (i.e. roller vs. spring vs. rotating disc). It is worth mentioning that with some research, it is possible to find machines even more affordable than $50, as well as options more luxurious than $100. If you conduct a simple internet search, it is easy to see that there is often a wider range available online when compared to your local drugstore, however, most brands have similar characteristics; merely the functionality or attachments are slightly different. There are three different kinds of epilators available; spring, rotating disc and tweezer-style. However, as spring and rotating disc versions are often considered less effective than tweezer-styles, the latter is more predominant when looking for products.

In addition to having a wider variety, online stores often have more competitive pricing. For example, if you review the products on Amazon, there are multiple brands available, all with very diversified prices. At the time of writing this article, the Philips Sanitelle Essential is advertised for USD$27.95, whilst the very next advert, a Braun Women’s Silk Epilator, is selling for USD$89.20. While at initial glance, a customer may view these two items as virtually identical in function, in reality, the difference in price can be justified by a number of things. The Philips product is a simple entry-level roller epilator, with 21 sets of tweezers in the roller, corded power source, with no additional attachments; designed to be used on dry skin only. By contrast, the Braun product has 40 sets of tweezers in the roller, is cordless (though rechargeable), comes with multiple attachments to suit use on various areas of the body and face, as well as a bikini trimmer. As an added benefit, the Braun product is 100% waterproof and suitable for use on both wet and dry skin. This may be advantageous to women and men who intend to use the machine immediately after showering or bathing, or even whilst still in the shower.

In short, while the two examples indicated above are both epilators, and both perform the same function, it is their individual characteristics and specialties that influence the price difference; a number of tweezers in the head, additional attachments, power source, and water resistance. When considering an epilator purchase, it is worth first determining how important these features or add-ons are, and whether you feel they justify any additional expense. There are enough brands currently available that it is possible to weigh multiple versions against each other, as it is very difficult to recommend one brand over another. It may be worth investigating and targeting brands that offer a 30-day money back guarantee; allowing you to try the product and rate its effectiveness against the cost, in order to make an informed decision prior to permanent commitment to the sale.

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