Contrary to many people’s belief, it is entirely possible to be waxed during your menstrual cycle, although there are some points to consider which may affect your interest in doing so.

  • It is often understood that waxing is more painful during this time.

Due to hormonal fluctuations, many women have more sensitive skin during their menstrual cycle or reduced pain thresholds. This may make you more sensitive to minor burns, or an increased likelihood of inflammation as a result. While this is not a disqualifying factor preventing your ability to wax, it may dissuade you from having treatment at that given time. Waiting a few days until after your period has ended, or until you are in a different stage of your cycle is often an easy solution. Alternatively, being prepared with cooling creams, flannels or a cool shower after your treatment may assist with reducing any inflammation of heated sensations.

  • Some salons may be unwilling to perform full Brazilian waxes during this time, though bikini waxes may be possible. All other body areas can be waxed as normal.

If you are looking for a general waxing treatment on a periphery body part, there is no real reason why you cannot have it done during your period, aside from personal comfort. When it comes to waxing intimate areas such as bikini line or a full Brazilian, some salons have their own regulations or requirements; they may refuse to perform a full Brazilian during your period for reasons related to hygiene and your comfort as a client, or they may be willing to perform the service, simply stipulating that arriving freshly showered and wearing a fresh tampon is essential.

  • Side effects may be more common, depending on your skin type.

Some people experience changes in the of oil in their skin or acne fluctuations during their period, and this may affect your ability for waxing. If you are someone who regularly has a breakout of pimples or acne before or during your period, it may be advised until you wait for them to subside before proceeding with waxing, as the treatment could damage your skin further. Alternatively, it may be possible to reduce or remove any oil and acne build up with regular cleansing and exfoliation in the lead up to your period, allowing the treatment to continue unhindered.

Essentially, while it is very possible to receive waxing treatment as per usual whilst you are on your period, your esthetician may recommend that you wait until your period has ended in order to ensure your own personal comfort in regards to pain, skin irritation, or their own salon policies. Provided you have taken these recommendations into consideration, you are free to make your own choice on the matter.

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