Feeling scared or nervous about getting a wax (especially if it is your first one) is not unusual. For most people, what inspires the most fear or nervousness is simply the lack of knowledge; and sometimes learning about the different methods of waxing and what to expect can help with alleviating any anxiety.

Consider reading out articles on <link: what will happen before the waxing begins?>, <link: what will happen during my appointment?> and <link: Does waxing hurt?> in order to get some insight into what to expect when getting your first waxing session done, and whether there is any substantial reason to feel anxious.

If these articles don’t help, our next best recommendation is to talk to your salon! Discuss the reasons behind your fear or anxiety around having a wax done, and they will most likely be able to alleviate your fears by describing the process of hair removal, as well as giving a step-by-step account of how the appointment will go and what to expect. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the appointment, your skin condition, or anything else; this is the perfect time to raise them and maybe even request a quick tour around the salon if that will make you feel more comfortable.

If you are nervous about the pain, some people recommend taking an ibuprofen 30 minutes to an hour before your appointment. While this is not for everyone and painkillers are certainly not always necessary, it can help to make you feel more comfortable knowing that you have done what you can to minimize any discomfort. It is also a good idea to take a warm shower before your appointment, as the heat will help open up any pores and assist with the ease of waxing.

Some websites or resources may recommend you apply a numbing cream to your skin before the session, however, that is something that should be discussed with your esthetician. Most salons prefer that you come in with completely clean and fresh skin with no lotions of any kind, however, depending on your situation, there may be allowances.

While it can be a nervous experience, having a waxing treatment done is nothing to fear! After your first appointment, you will see how smooth and effortless the treatment can be, and the important thing to remember is that the first waxing session is usually the most awkward and painful. Provided you continue to have waxing treatments done regularly and do not revert to shaving or depilatory creams between treatments, any level of discomfort will continue to diminish with each session, and your familiarity with your esthetician will only improve.

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