After your waxing session, your esthetician may wash your skin with some fresh water, or a hygienic wipe. This is usually only applicable for non-intimate waxes such as legs, chest, back, etc. The purpose of the wash is to remove any residual traces of wax that may be stuck to the skin, as well as leftover powder that may be left behind. Your esthetician may run a hand lightly over the area to check for any missed patches or ask you to confirm that you are happy with the result.

After your approval of the results, a soothing balm specially designed for post-waxing may be applied, to help with the recovery and cooldown of your skin. However, this is not a given, and the availability of such lotions may differ from salon to salon. This balm may help eliminate redness, irritation, or just to help to cleanse and moisturize the skin to prevent infection. While your esthetician may apply a specified lotion for these purposes, it is important to remember that for a day or so afterward you avoid applying your own moisturizers or creams, as they are often heavy and can clog the newly-opened pores and follicles. Applying such creams may lead to increased risk of skin irritation or even possible infection.

In the three to ten days after your appointment, it is important that you lightly exfoliate every second or third day. This will assist in ensuring regrowth is straight, and to prevent ingrown hairs. It is likely that your skin may feel increased sensitivity, having been freshly waxed. As a result, do not exfoliate too harshly, or every day, as this may irritate your skin further.

In addition to exfoliation, a day or two after your wax you can resume with applying a hydrating skin cream as part of your regular skincare routine. This will help keep your skin soft and supple; aiding in the efforts to prevent ingrown hairs. In addition to this, having soft skin may also increase the longevity of your wax. As hair grows back finer and softer, having skin that is also soft and supple may help to mask regrowth; allowing you a few additional days of smooth and hair-free skin before regrowth is apparent. If you are applying your own cream, try to choose one that is natural and free from any chemicals or artificial scents which could irritate the skin or any damaged follicles.

After ten days to three weeks after your wax, a small amount of regrowth may be visible or sensed if you run your hand over the area. Combined with regular exfoliation and moisturizing, you can continue to enjoy smooth hair free legs until your regrowth it at a length suitable for your next appointment. As you wax regularly, the length of time between waxing and regrowth will increase, and your period of hair-free skin will stretch longer.


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