The purpose of waxing is to remove hairs in their entirety – root and all – in order to achieve smooth, hairless skin for an extended period of time. In order to accomplish this, it is important to wax consistently and on a schedule in order to avoid uneven hair growth or ineffective results. While it may initially seem more tempting and convenient to shave between waxes for special events or trips to the beach, in the long term it is not the best action to take when attempting to achieve long-lasting waxing results. There are various repercussions for shaving between waxes, some of which are outlined below;

  • Waxing is most effective when conducted on a scheduled basis. Shaving between waxes will ruin this structured timing and may mean you have to wait longer in order for hair to grow out long enough to be waxed again.
  • Shaving also changes the texture of your hair; waxed hair grows back softer and finer as a result of the root also having to regrow. If you attempt to shave between waxes, it blunts the hair, ruining this effect. Regrowth often feels more stubbly and prickly by comparison.
  • When considering the effectiveness of waxing, the results may also be affected; while shaving can only provide one or two days of hairlessness before regrowth or stubble appears, waxing promises a customer at least one to two weeks of smooth skin.
  • Results may be uneven if you have attempted to shave; with hair follicles growing in different cycles, accidentally missing a hair when shaving (which is almost certain) will mean that the subsequent wax will not be as smooth, and stubble may be left behind.
  • Shaving carries a higher risk of ingrown hairs, which are unsightly, can be painful, and pose a risk for infection
  • Your follow wax will take longer, as hair grows back thicker and stronger after shaving, requiring more time and effort to remove.
  • Your follow up wax will be more painful as hair has become more securely settled in the skin.

While the temptation to shave between waxes is something that everyone using the method will go through at some point, it is important to resist the urge. It should also be remembered that just as shaving should be avoided, so too should epilation and hair removal creams, as these will all disrupt the hair regrowth process and the scheduling of subsequent waxes.


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