When comparing options of wax for various skin types, the standard choices are either hard wax or soft wax; both of which are variations of hot wax. While alternative mediums such as cold wax may still assist with removing hair all over the body; efficiency and effectiveness have shown that hot waxes are a better option for treatment of sensitive skin.

As an additional criterion in determining the most appropriate waxing medium, it is also important to disclose the reason for your skin’s sensitivity; is it the heat that effects your skin the most, or the ingredients in the wax? Is your skin delicate and vulnerable to tearing, or do you have acne or dermatological treatments that are affecting your skin’s strength and elasticity? Sharing this information with your aesthetician is vital in ensuring that the wax used during your treatment is suitable for your individual situation.

Sensitivity to heat

For individuals who have a lower pain threshold, or perhaps just have a higher sensitivity to heat; using either cold wax, or hot wax that has a low-melting point could be suitable solutions. These options will allow you to maintain a steady waxing schedule with minimal irritation to your skin, as they will not aggravate any heat sensitivity.

Sensitivity to ingredients

If you are allergic or sensitive to the chemicals or ingredients found in traditional waxing mediums, options such as sugaring (or Persian waxing) may be suitable alternatives. Made from all-natural products like sugar, lemon juice, and water, these variations from standard waxing agents are completely natural, and far less likely to aggravate skin that is sensitive to outside chemicals and irritants, while still being just as effective at hair removal.

Sensitive skin due to treatments or skin conditions

If you find that your skin is sensitive to everything, it is essential that you discuss with your esthetician whether or not you are currently using any acne medication, have undergone any dermatological treatments, or have had exposure to cortisone treatments. These conditions may make waxing a non-viable option for hair removal for you, and proceeding with the treatment despite these considerations could result in skin damage and severe discomfort or pain.

If you are simply someone who has particularly sensitive skin, however, have no specific allergies or treatments that may be causing them, you may find that your waxing salon elects to use a simple hard wax. If you have not had a waxing treatment before, it is a great place to start when removing hair from sensitive areas, however, feel free to experiment and find the option that is most comfortable for you.

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