As far as hair removal techniques go, waxing does not have to be an expensive exercise, however, if you are having it done at a professional salon, price can become a topic for concern.

If you are considering waxing and are put off by the salon prices in your area, there are a number of at-home products that can deliver a salon-quality wax for a fraction of the cost, provided you are willing to put in the time to perform the waxing yourself (or with the help of a close friend or family member).

Some of the leading brands in the hot wax product range on Amazon include;

  • Anjou <link:>
  • Pro Wax 100 <link:>
  • Roleadro <link:>
  • Relassy <link:>

All of these brands as listed on Amazon as home waxing kits come with a wax warmer, multiple packets of waxing beads, application spatulas, and occasionally additional items such as bowls, however none of the above sets are outside the price range of USD$20 – $26 (at time of writing). This makes DIY home waxing a considerably affordable option, as well as being one that requires very little ongoing investment – just some additional wax beads and disposable application spatulas as you gradually work your way through the initial supply.

When considering cold-waxing DIY options, popular brands on Amazon include;

These items are examples of cold-waxing kits that can be utilized at home, and are even more affordable than the wax warmers and beads (at time of writing, cost for each of these products is under USD$10). What can affect your decision now is the differences between the cold wax vs hot wax options; a debate we have covered for you in this article; <link what are the advantages of cold waxing vs hot waxing?>

There are a few variables that will affect the price for DIY waxing; one of which is the extensiveness of the kit being purchased, if you are buying specified kit instead of simply a wax warmer and beads. I.e. if you are purchasing an eyebrow-waxing kit, or a bikini waxing kit, there is a chance that it may be less expensive than a leg waxing kit by the same brand, based on the lesser amount of product and kit inclusions. In addition, if you are purchasing a popular-brand name product, it is likely to be more expensive when compared to a lesser-known brand. Whether it is worth buying specific brand names is up to the individual, though if you have allergies or particularly sensitive skin, you may like to take the ingredients of each brand into consideration before committing to a purchase.

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