When it comes to waxing for the first time, it is highly recommended that you get waxed in advance of the event, not the day of. Depending on your previous methods of hair removal, it may be additionally advised that you wax at least twice before the event, to allow your hair cycle to become regular; resulting in more effective hair removal.

For example, if you have come from a history of shaving, it is most likely that the cycle of hair growth has been disrupted and become irregular. This means that each of the hairs is at a different stage in the growth cycle at any given point. By allowing the hair to grow out, waxing, and then allowing time for regrowth and a second wax before the event, it is far more likely that your hair cycle will have normalized somewhat and that regrowth will be evener. With regrowth evened out, there is the added benefit of the extended time it takes to reappear.

In addition to regulating hair regrowth, it is recommended that if you are waxing for a special occasion, that you do it at least one to two days before the event. This will allow time for the skin to calm down after treatment, and for any discoloration or sensitivity to diminish. In addition, it gives you time to pluck out or touch up any areas that may have been missed by the beauty therapist. Having allowed for at least a day or two to pass between your waxing appointment and the day of the event, you are also able to apply moisturizers and lotions to the skin; assisting with hydration and recovery even further, as well as optimizing the appearance and feel of your skin.