As was discussed in our article titled <link: I have a special occasion coming up and have never been waxed. Are there any special instructions?>, when waxing for a specific event or purpose, there is some planning required in order to get the best out of your wax results.

  1. Build up a waxing schedule

If shaving has been your primary method of hair removal until this point, the rate of hair regrowth across your body is likely to be highly unregulated and uneven. This means that each individual follicle is growing and possibly losing hairs at various rates, and there is no uniformity in the occurrence of regrowth. By building up a waxing schedule over several months – without succumbing to shaving temptation in between! – your body begins to establish a routine of hair regrowth, and after a number of waxes, the hair follicles will trend towards releasing regrowth at a similar rate. This means that each subsequent wax is more effective and long-lasting than the one before it, as hair regrowth becomes more and more synchronized. Synchronized hair regrowth means more effective results; with no patchy regrowth popping up a few days after treatment.

  1. Wax in advance

Waxing often results in mild discomfort and discoloration of the skin, with potentially some dotting appearing at the site of each follicle. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about, however, may be unsightly and undesirable if you are waxing for a special event or holiday. Waxing a day or two before the intended date or holiday allows your skin time to recover and calm down, meaning that by the time your holiday starts, your hairless skin is ready to be shown off.

  1. Ensure you exfoliate appropriately

One of the biggest giveaways of a waxing job is the unsightly red bumps that indicate ingrown hairs. They are eye-catching, uncomfortable and unsightly, and if you wish to enjoy the full benefits of your wax, it is important that you exfoliate regularly in order to minimize them. Wait until a day has passed after your waxing appointment, and then begin gentle exfoliation every other day with a gentle cloth or sponge to keep the area clean and to help prevent ingrown hair from appearing.

  1. Moisturise

Just like exfoliation, allow a day or so to pass after your wax before applying moisturizer. By hydrating your skin in addition to exfoliation, you ensure that the skin remains supple and attractive throughout the regrowth process. If managed well, it can also assist exfoliation in minimizing the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

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