Ultimately, the purpose behind waxing is to remove unwanted body and facial hair.

When compared to other methods of hair removal, waxing is;

  • Cheap

Leg waxes can range from around USD$20, with price varying depending on body part and individual salon. While the cost for a session is not as cheap as the cost to purchase a razor, when you consider the time saved by waxing, and the long length of time between sessions, the cost more than justifies itself.


  • Effective at reducing overall hair growth

It has been shown by numerous case studies that repeated sessions of waxing can contribute to an overall reduced rate of hair growth. This is due to damage to the hair follicle that occurs when waxing, and over time the repeated damage to follicles causes them to stop reproducing hair.


  • Relatively long-lasting results

Waxing results tend to last between four to six weeks on most areas of the body, depending on your individual rate of hair growth. However, with repeated sessions and weakening of hair regrowth, the results may stretch longer over time.


  • Convenient

Most waxing sessions can be fit, with ease, to within 45 minutes or less, especially if you are visiting a reputable and well-trained salon. When compared to the time spent shaving these body parts over four to six weeks, the time investment is remarkably small, and well worth the time investment.


  • Efficient at removing large amounts of hair in a short space of time

It goes without saying that the act of spreading wax, and then removing hair in patches at a time is a quick process; much more so than the labor-intensive task of shaving, or even laser hair removal, both of which require specific focus on various body contours and follicle clusters to effectively eradicate

As with all hair removal types, there are positive and negative elements to waxing, which you can read about here <link: what are the pros and cons of waxing?>.

In addition to why people choose waxing as their method of hair removal it is also interesting to understand why someone might want to remove their body hair in the first place, as this may influence their chosen method.

Some common reasons behind hair removal include;

  • Cultural norms or pressures (under arm and leg hair for women, for example)
  • Personal comfort or to prevent irritation (in areas where skin rubs or becomes irritated easily)
  • Personal preference or cosmetic appearance
  • Hygiene (bikini waxing, pre-tattoo or pre-surgery waxing requirements)
  • Athletic requirement (such as professional cyclists, swimmers or wrestlers)

For all of these reasons behind hair removal, waxing is a great choice as

  • It is readily accessible in most areas around the world
  • Gives long-lasting results without the hefty price tag that accompanies laser hair removal
  • Avoids the prickly stubble and prompt regrowth that comes with shaving.



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