Although waxing itself is quite exfoliating in its effects, it is also recommended that you attempt your own exfoliation of the area before the hair removal process. This is so that the area is as clean and free from the buildup of dirt, oils or dead skin cells as much as possible; making for an even smoother, more effective hair removal treatment.

Be sure to exfoliate… but not too much

In the days leading up to your appointment, exfoliate your skin gently using a loofah, bath sponge or exfoliating product. In the absence of these, a rough washcloth is sufficient. In addition to removing any buildup on the surface of the skin, exfoliating can also assist in loosening any ingrown hairs or those lightly caught under the surface of the skin, making them easier to remove when it comes time for your waxing appointment. While exfoliating a day or two before the appointment is encouraged, it is advised that you skip any harsh exfoliation on the day of your wax, as the irritation to the skin may make it more sensitive, and thus your waxing appointment more uncomfortable.


In addition to exfoliation, it is also advised that you moisturize your skin well, up until the day of your appointment. Soft, hydrated skin releases hair better and is less likely to have lasting irritation from waxing. However, remember that you should not be applying any lotions or moisturizers on the day of your appointment, either before or after your wax. This is because any buildup of lotions or creams can interfere with the wax’s adhesion to the hairs, negatively affecting the efficiency of your waxing appointment. Any creams applied to the skin when the pores are still open or sensitized may put your skin at increased risk of blockages and skin infections, so be sure to talk with your beauty therapist before applying any.

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