In theory and practice, men are fully able to wax their faces, should they so choose. Indeed, many men use waxing as part of their eyebrow grooming routine. However, while it is a possible option for hair removal, there are many considerations that may affect whether it is suitable for the removal of more prominent facial hair; the beard and mustache.

It is extremely painful

Many women are familiar with the discomfort that comes with waxing, and although it is true that the treatment becomes less painful with each subsequent removal, the fact remains that the first instances of waxing are exceptionally painful. In areas where the hair is coarse, the pain may be consistently unbearable each time the treatment is performed. For men, facial hair is extremely coarse and dense, and so waxing the main “body” of a beard may be regarded as unbearably painful. Outlying hairs on the periphery of facial hair may be suitable for waxing by people who wish to more definitively style their beards and mustaches, however, it is not recommended that men pursue waxing as their primary method of facial hair grooming.

Hair regrowth takes an excessively long time

If you ask most men, they remove or trim their facial hair in order to look neat and presentable, not necessarily because they want to remove the hair completely or permanently. For many young men, having a thick and substantial amount of facial hair is a constructed idea of masculinity, and so waxing this source is counter-productive to their public image. With the regrowth of waxing taking an extended amount of time to come through, as well as the finer texture of the regrowth itself, waxing facial hair disallows men to experiment with different looks; instead of forcing them to remain hairless for an extended period as the hair regrows.

The purpose of the hair removal

If you are removing facial hair in order to look neat and presentable, waxing is not a suitable option as it requires substantial regrowth in order to perform subsequent treatments. If a man is required to appear clean-shaven for his job, having patchy or visible regrowth may appear unkempt and untidy; the exact opposite of what shaving achieves. If a clean-shaven look is required for personal preference, the result is the same; regrowth is irritating to the skin, and having to regularly exfoliate one’s face is an unenjoyable process for men who want to achieve a clean look in a short amount of time.

Ingrown hairs, skin irritation, and possible side effects

As with all types of waxing, removing facial hair in this way comes with drawbacks. Skin irritation, ingrown hairs and possible bruising or bleeding are all very real possibilities when waxing anywhere on one’s body, and should these side effects occur on the face, they are much more noticeable and difficult to mask. While not necessarily a deal-breaker, they are often discouragement enough to prevent most men from attempting to remove their facial hair in this way.

If you are a man looking to permanently reduce and thin facial hair and do not mind the cost of pain that it may take, facial waxing may be an option for you. It is highly recommended that you consider it seriously and discuss options with your local beautician before undergoing treatment, as facial wax that is abandoned part-way through due to low pain tolerance is very unsightly, and regrowth may be noticeably uneven. If, however, you are looking to simply “tidy up” the edges of your eyebrows or outlying hairs on your cheeks or neck, waxing is a great option and can provide long-lasting, effective results. For more information on waxing, consider reading our articles on <link: what areas can I wax?>, and <link: Why should I wax instead of shaving?>


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