As we have discussed in the following article <link: Do I need to exfoliate before waxing?> <How can I prevent ingrown hairs?> and <How should I take care of my skin after waxing>, applying moisturizer to your skin on the day of wax is highly ill-advised, whether it be before or after your hair removal appointment.

What happens if I apply moisturizer before my appointment?

If you apply moisturizer or lotion to your skin before a waxing treatment, the skin and hairs being treated become ultra-hydrated. With most moisturizers leaving a residue or build up on the surface of the skin, it is very difficult for a waxing agent to establish a firm enough grip to effectively remove all the hair. This often creates a need to re-wax various patches to ensure effective removal or increased sensitivity to pain, as tenderized skin is repeatedly re-waxed. In some instances, it is almost impossible to remove all the desired hair unless the moisturizer is washed off; an inconvenience to both the customer and the beauty therapist.

What happens if I apply moisturizer immediately after my appointment?

Should you apply moisturizer immediately after the waxing treatment, you increase the risk of blocked pores and possible skin infection, as opened hair follicles allow dirt and bacteria to enter the body. Keeping a freshly-waxed area clean and dry, and free from any moisturizers and lotions not specifically approved by your beauty therapist is key to maintaining skin health throughout the waxing and regrowth cycle.

How long should I wait before applying skin creams or lotions?

Most research indicates that a period of at least 24 hours should be waiting between a waxing treatment and the application of lotions. This is to allow enough time for the skin to calm down and recuperate after treatment, and for pores to close and prevent any bacteria from getting under the skin’s surface.

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