Estheticians recommend that your hair be approximately 1/4” at the time of your appointment, however, this is not a hard and fast requirement, depending on your waxing style. It is important to have a decent amount of hair growth present at the time of treatment so that the wax can reliably establish a grip on the hair for removal. If the hair is trimmed too short, this is not possible and may lead to inefficient waxes, as well as increased discomfort.

While in some instances your chest, underarm or pubic hair may be trimmed before a waxing treatment if especially long, it is not recommended that you do this yourself unless specifically advised by your esthetician. Trimming the hair is often done with a set of clippers that bring all hair to a uniform length while disallowing hair to be trimmed beyond that ideal. If attempting to trim the hair yourself, there is an increased risk of an uneven cut, or trimming the hair too short. If done too short it may mean that your hair cannot be waxed; pushing out your appointment for another week or two while it grows back.


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