When you are preparing for your waxing appointment, there are a few things you should be sure to do

  • Ensure your hair is long enough for the waxing session
  • Be freshly showered, without any lotions, creams or moisturizers applied
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing

Is your hair the right length for waxing?

Many people make the mistake of booking an appointment too soon when their hair is not yet long enough to be waxed. Most forms of hot wax require hair to be approximately ¼’’ long, or just over half a centimeter. This is so that the hair is long enough for the wax to grab onto, as attempting to wax when the hair is too short can result in patchy removal, skin irritation, and ineffective treatment. Contrastingly, waxing when the hair is too long can result in breakages, missed hairs and increased discomfort.

While this is a general suggestion for hair length, there are some methods of waxing which allow for the removal of short hairs. One such method is sugaring, which is an alternative to regular hot wax, and possibly available at your local salon. If not, you may be able to perform a sugaring treatment at home yourself.

Shower and avoid application of creams and lotions

Being freshly showered before your appointment ensures that your skin is fresh and clean from any sweat, grime or dirt that may interfere with the effectiveness of your wax. It also makes the esthetician’s job easier, as working with a freshly showered client is much more enjoyable than waxing someone coming straight from a gym workout.

After showering, it is important to avoid applying any moisturizers, lotions or oils to the area that you are having waxed, as these products may interfere with the adhesion of the wax to your hair, and also result in ineffective removal or increased discomfort. If you arrive at an appointment with the creams already on, your esthetician may ask you to use a cleansing wipe on the area or a damp cloth to remove the residue.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing

It is important to arrive at your appointment in comfortable clothing that will not rub against your freshly-waxed skin after the session. This recommendation is for your own personal comfort, as wearing tight or restrictive clothing after a wax can increase the risk of skin irritation, inflammation, or even infection if your clothes have come into contact with dirt, sweat or bacteria. In addition to this, it is advisable to stick with natural fabrics such as cotton, which allow the skin to breathe and will not trap and warmth of moisture close to the skin.

Having addressed the above points prior to arrival at your salon, your esthetician will allow you to undress in privacy if required, or ask to see the treatment area. If there are any discolorations or pigmentations (such as bruises, grazes, etc.) they will most likely ask you about them prior to treatment. This is in order to minimize the chance of any discomfort to you and to also allow them to assess what type of wax may be best suitable, or if you have any preferred products. If waxing chest, underarm or pubic hair that has grown long, the esthetician may buzz cut the area to bring all hairs to a uniform length, within ideal waxing parameters. This is also to ensure the smoothest, most effective wax, and to reduce the need to use excessive amounts of waxing product. Once the area has been examined, cleaned and prepared for treatment, the wax will be applied, and the hair removed as per your request.

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