While there are a number of hair removal techniques that offer very different results in terms of regrowth, it is important to remember that there are very few methods which truly change the structure or pigmentation of regrowth. Pigmentation and structural changes are typically only affected by hormonal changes, medication/illness or genetics. However, the method of hair removal that you use regularly can often influence the superficial appearance of your hair and give the impression of growing back darker, thicker or stronger.

In the instance of shaving or epilation creams, hair is removed at the level of the skin surface. As a result, regrow starts with a blunted hair tip, making it appear coarser and occasionally darker. However, as the hair proceeds through its various cycles, it will become apparent that the hair itself has not truly changed; merely its superficial appearance and texture, returning to its standard form and pigment with the next regrowth cycle.

Waxing is one version of hair removal in which regrowth certainly does not grow back thicker, darker or stronger, in either appearance or actuality. Due to the nature of the removal itself, the entire body and root of the hair is removed. As a result, regrowth of each individual strand of hair is depended on the follicle’s ability to regenerate one, completely from scratch. Understandably, this is a very inefficient process for the body to perform regularly, and so oftentimes the first hair regrowth cycle after waxing is considerably weakened. When regrowth does occur, the hairs emerge with a tapered tip; giving the appearance of being finer and lighter. If waxing is repeated consistently at regular intervals, the body will sometimes stop producing hair in this area, as the follicles become so unstable and damaged that they are no longer able to support the growth of a healthy hair. Even if hair does continue to regrow consistently, the general consensus across most clients is that it is often thinner, finer and fairer than before.

Each person has a unique and individual experience with hair regrowth after waxing, and so it is impossible to say that results are uniform and guaranteed. Some individuals may require more sessions in order to enjoy the benefits of overall reduced hair growth, or substantially thinned or lightened hair. However, there is reasonable confidence that over time anyone performing waxing regularly and consistently will ultimately end up with refined and thinned hair.

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