Waxing is an effective method of hair removal, with long-lasting results. Due to hair being removed in its entirety (including the root), regrowth is slow, and when it does emerge, is often finer and softer in appearance. This is because the entire hair has had to regenerate, and has been interrupted in its growth cycle. However, hair does continue to regrow; with waxing results typically lasting between four to six weeks before regrowth starts to appear.

While most people comment that regular waxing diminishes the appearance and rate of regrowth, it may take several sessions in order to start seeing such results yourself. Over time, these results may continue to improve until regrowth is diminished so far that the hair is almost non-noticeable. However, waxing is not currently recognized as a method of permanent hair removal, and these results are not guaranteed for all waxing clients. If you are pursuing waxing as a method of hair removal in the hopes that it will be completely and permanently removed, it is not the solution for you. Reducing the rate of regrowth and hair’s appearance will most likely take dozens of waxes at the very minimum, and there is no guarantee of permanent hair eradication. Laser hair removal may be a more appropriate option, however is considerably more expensive per appointment when compared to waxing.

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